Friday, 12 August 2011

bungy jumping :)

assalamualaikum. selamat berpuasa untuk hari ke 12. :)

bungy jumping? minatang ape tu? hahah. im not sure if the spelling was bungee or bungy. ahh, its still the same. yeah, i  mean yang terjun from one height sambil sambil dorg ikat tali kat kaki tu! woaaahahahaha! seram.korang pernah buat? do share some experience with me! come on! :)

i got the idea since my love want to do it (as i made a promise to sponsor him only if he pass the intersessi dgn cemerlang.and actually, he doesnt reach the aim. well, he did it good, for me, its good enough. :D)

and start from that, bungy jumping is in my 'things-to-do' list! oh my. i dont know when i can do that jumping. oh, okay, i mengaku, i gayat. tapi boleh je kot! percaya pada diri, thats the concept i guess. hey guys, ladies, u should try. u try it first, then i'll do. haha. :p

u still dont get it what is bungy jumping? heh o_O penat aku bebel, tak tahu? nah, kidding. come, lets look at this vid :)

i just took this randomly, i dont even know who did this jumping. :p LOL

so, back to the topic. hah, little scary kan? actuallu (salah eja pulak ;p) actually, i can do this. eceeehh.perasan! yes, i can do it. but, dalam kepala ni asyik dok terbayang, takut2 orang yang prepare untuk kita tu buat salah. homaigod! *mata terbuntang* kalau lah tali tu tiba2 nak putus. homaigod *mata terbuntang lagi* :( kalau lah tiba2 berat kita tak dapat ditampung tali. waaaaaaa! 

so, bila i dapat tahu my boyfie not gonna do this as soon, lega weh! LEGA! its not about money (its not about money money money, we dont need ur money money money-nyanyi lagu price tag :p) tapi its about SAFETY sayangku! im just too worried. i dont wanna you to get injured. :( okay, biar kita buat sama2 nanti. nanti i tu dalam 3 4 5 tahun? :D hahaha. and biar i buat dulu.. eceeehhh, bajet sweet le teww :P

haha.. thats it.. im not going to do this until i get ready. mentally, and also physically! owyeah..u go gurl! hikhik *gedik sebentar*

so, oh, what? nak tahu what is in my 'things-to-do' list? haha.. nanti nanti i ceritaaa,okayy? so, oh oh oh, for those yang pernah buat jumping jumping ni, PLEASE, please share with me how was the feeling, coz i really wanna know! im sooo excited to know but im not so excited to do the jumping. 

okayy, i will write more, later. do wait for the next post! lovee yah! take care! oh, do follow me on twitter (sempat agi promote :p), cari i keyh? cari ainatubbytubby (ainatubbytubby lah, ape lagi. haha)

me :)

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