Wednesday, 10 August 2011

parents need to discuss any decision.

aasalamualaikum. selamat berpuasa untuk hari ke sepuluh. :)

semoga anda tidak teringat pada rupa rupa makanan yang lazat..yang sedappp okay, saya yang teringat sebenarnya! haish! kurang pahala puasa. hhaha :D sorry. joking. :)

whats with the title? 'parents need to discuss any decision'? decision of what? here, i wanna write a little bit of my opinion about this. first of all, i am sorry if there is are harsh words. sorry. 

in the family, the most most most powerful person to make or agree or disagree of any thing or any decision is ayah and ibu. or mummy daddy. or mama papa. oh, whatever it is, for me, the person still the same.

but, sometimes dorang buat keputusan without noticed to us, oh it can be so but in some ways, in my opinion, they have to sit down with their kids, and talk about it. right? what? no? okay, your opinion is differ with mine. its okay, as long as it is opinion, all people can be right and all people can be wrong. u decide it. :)

im not talking like i am boss here. i am expressing my feeling as a daughter. a responsible daughter. every decision have a good side and the bad side. every each decision been made,we have to know the consequences. it is not simple as abc (not air batu campur. oh, teringat makanan lagi. =_=''). okay? 

so, oh oh oh, lupa nak cakap, i am viewing this issue as a general issue yah? nothing to do with my family. :)
and we, as a daughter or son or even adopted son daughter, whatever decision made by our parents, please, accept it. i know, its too hard for us to accept what we dont agree with, but, try. :) cuba dengan ikhlas. sometimes, they know better. and sometimes, they have a hidden agenda. we never know. 

what if the decision is wrong? wrong? who says wrong? if u feel so, its better to have some discussion with them, in proper way, in a suit tone, (oohh, orang tua sangat sensitip!) so that u will understand the reason.
so, no matter what, they are the person that raising us to be like now. please show some love eventhough u did not like or 'ngam' with them. :) stay happy in a great life my dear! susah ke? yup, mmg susah. tapi percaya pada Dia, Dia ada. :)

no matter what, sometimes parents need to discuss any decision. thats the best way to clear things up. everyone, dont stop praying. thats the key of happiness. :)

me :)

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